Covid-19 update

4th February 2022

Dear Church,

As you are aware we are now operating under the Red Light of the Covid-19 Protection Framework. The requirements for the church will feel very similar to how we operated at Level 2 under the previous system. 
What does this mean for us?

Worship service

  • You are still required to sign in either by QR code or by the sign-in sheet by the door
  • If you have not yet shown your vaccine passport you will need to do that upon your arrival
  • We are restricted to 100 people per gathering

The requirement to be under the 100 limit means that children will be going directly downstairs once again. 

Ignite Children – Supervised Movie for Sunday 30th January and 6th February only

  • Children will need to be taken to the door downstairs via the outside pat
  • There will be an Ignite leader there to welcome them and sign them in; please allow some extra time for this process
  • You will need to collect your child/children via the outside path and once you have collected them you will not be able to rejoin the gathering upstairs. This is because if we intermingle the two groups then we are restricted to 100 in total rather than 100 upstairs and 100 downstairs. 

Creche – Sunday 30th January and 6th February only

  • The creche area is available for parents to use during the service
  • We will be re-starting the supervised creche on 13th February

Fellowship time

After the service, we will still be having a time of fellowship with tea/coffee and biscuits. If you have children please collect them from downstairs and remember that you cannot come back upstairs once you have collected them.


This is the most up-to-date information we have about masks – the government website states:

You must wear a face mask at a gathering, except when the gathering is in a defined space that is only being used for the gathering.

We believe this means that mask-wearing, while recommended, remains an individual choice. Therefore, you are welcome whether you wear a mask or not.

We do need to emphasise that with Omicron in the community we need to be vigilant about signing in with the QR code or with the sign-in sheets at the door.

As a leadership team, we want to thank you for your continued prayers and support as we navigate this difficult situation. Please look out for one another; check in if you haven’t seen someone, phone or call people who come to mind. Most of all, please pray for those you know who are struggling with the current restrictions. If appropriate (and with their permission) please let the pastoral care co-ordinator (Angus Campbell) know of anyone who is requiring a visit or phone call. 

Please contact the pastors or any of the elders if you have any questions.