Covid-19 update

21st October 2021

Greetings Church,

We had a wonderful time together on Sunday! There was an excitement in the air with being able to have everyone together again in one service since lockdown first took place. We plan to continue in this way for as long as it is safely within the Level 2 guidelines to do so.

Here is a little more detail on what this Sunday services will look like for the time being:

Single Service – 10:00am 

  • Créche operating as normal.
  • Ignite, will provide a supervised DVD and will start back up with its kids church program from Sunday, the 31st October.
  • Parents and caregivers with children attending “Ignite” – the internal access stairwell to Ignite will be closed. Can you please take your children via the outside pathway to the Ignite ministry space downstairs? Please ensure you also sign/scan in down there.

For those who have perhaps missed them up until now, the Level 2 guidelines for Sunday services remain the same:

  • It is clear from the official guidelines that while encouraged to do so, it is not mandatory for people to wear masks to church on Sunday. Please respect each other’s decisions in this regard.
  • It is also clear from the guidelines that people on stage do not have to wear masks. Therefore, the music team and Joanna will not be wearing masks on stage.
  • There is no social distancing rule for friends and whānau, but we would like to ask you to please be sensitive to those around you who may choose to enforce social distancing as their personal preference on Sunday.
  • There will be the usual QR code for you to scan in or you can make a manual entry on the register. Scanning or signing in is mandatory for every person in attendance on Sunday.

May you have a blessed week further. We hope to see you on Sunday!