Leadership Team

The Leadership Team runs the day-to-day operations of the church. The team is accountable to the Oversight Board.

Senior Pastor

Pr. Jeremy Selfe

Jeremy is the senior pastor at NPBC, overseeing the Church’s overall direction, preaching, and pastoral care.

Children and Families’ Leaders

Paul & Sina Briggs

Paul and Sina lead this vibrant work. The portfolio includes the Sunday morning creche and Ignite Children’s programme and LUCENT after school programme.

Administration Leader

Rebekah Selfe

Rebekah and her team provide the “glue” to ensure all the background operational functions of NPBC run smoothly. This includes administration, finances, property, and technical services.

Oversight Board

Angus Campbell and Tim Wye

The Oversight Board is charged with “looking ahead” and with discerning the will of God. Oversight Board members are called as Elders and Overseers. They are accountable to the Church Members.

Board members are elected by NPBC for two-year terms.