About Us

Who we are

North Porirua Baptist Church is a medium-sized evangelical church located in the middle-class residential suburb of Whitby, Porirua City. At NPBC you’ll be welcomed into a friendly, informal environment by people who are excited to see you.

We are a community of Christ-centred believers that passionately believe we are called to a personal relationship with Christ Jesus. NPBC is a place where you can belong, a place where you will be encouraged, and a place that offers everyone a space to out-work their God given gifts.

For more information on some of the people that help run things, check out our Leadership Team.

What we believe

  • The centrality of Christ to our lives;
  • The need for a personal response to Jesus for salvation; 
  • The authority of Scripture for what we believe and how we live;
  • Baptism of believers;
  • The priesthood of all believers – we are a faith community where all are equal before God, and each is uniquely gifted by God for service;
  • Congregational government. The Baptist Union is a voluntary union of independent churches. For NPBC, all leadership is accountable to the Members.

Our mission

Our mission is “Believe, live, share”

  • Believe God’s Word
  • Live by faith
  • Share the Gospel

For more information about the mission of our Church click here.