Our Mission

We are called to be missional – i.e. the church is formed by and for mission. For NPBC, this will have four planks:

Each 24/7 for Jesus

Each of us living missionally 24/7, in families, amongst our neighbours, in schools, sports clubs, and workplaces, i.e. mission is not a programme of the church, it is about the way we each live for Jesus.


The role of NPBC corporately is to support this. Special services and events, resources, community connecting events, church library, Alpha type courses, training courses, etc are to support the mission rather than be the mission. So we don’t say to our people, “come and run this programme to help us do mission”, we say “do mission, and how can we help you make that more doable”.


And all our mission needs to be holistic; seeking to address spiritual, relational, emotional, and physical brokenness through the interconnected web of all the above.


There is some targeted mission that is more corporately driven:

  • Families in NP, e.g. through, social work and counselling through our community ministries
  • Emotional/relational brokenness as it relates to individuals, couples, families, including children through the North Porirua Care Centre
  • Poverty in Porirua East, e.g. through our food bank, Christmas Angel Tree, Christmas Gift Baskets and other needs that may arise
  • Mission throughout the world, through Tranzsend, the sending and ministry arm of the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society, an annual Prayer & Self Denial offering supporting Tranzsend missionaries, and our recent commitment to assist a new mission initiative in India. This will include financial support and regular trips to India.