Ignite & Aflame (Sunday Children’s Programme)

Ignite is our programme for primary-aged children and Aflame is for intermediate-aged children and runs from about 10:15 am (the children go to their programme after the notices in the church service) until the end of the service (about 11:30am).

Parents are very welcome to come and see what we do, or to stay with their children.

Our purpose is to provide a place where kids learn about the Bible and the nature of a relationship with God through Jesus.

To accomplish this, we present a programme that uses short stories, drama, music, games, songs, parties, small group activities and prayer to bring kids into contact with our awesome God. Our leaders are committed to providing a safe, fun and interactive programme where they can develop trust and friendship with their small group of children they care for. All leaders have had police checks and a safety policy is in place.

Infants and Pre-school

For parents of infants and pre-school aged children we offer the following services:

  • Parents’ Nook: under 2’s
  • Sparks: 2 – 4 years