North Porirua Baptist Church places high value on the importance of prayer.  Prayer is primarily engaging in a relationship with God.  But we also know and have seen the power of prayer to change situations in remarkable ways.

The following opportunities for prayer with others are available at NPBC. All prayer activity is treated with respect and in confidence.

Personal Prayer Ministry

More intensive focussed prayer ministry is available for deeper personal issues. Those praying in this way are experienced and mature in ministering God’s life into these personal and sensitive areas of our lives.

Prayer After Morning Service

Each Sunday, prayer is offered for individual needs at the end of the church service.

Sunday 9:30am – 9:45am

Pre-service prayer in the lounge.

Watchmen – Intercessors

The intercessors meet on the 1st and 3rd Sunday evenings in the Lakeside Lounge at 7:30pm.

NPBC e-Prayer Email List

For those requiring general prayer support, requests can be put onto the NPBC e-Prayer chain (sent via email).

Please contact the church office for more information.